Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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New research confirms safety of SilkSurface’s product as alternative to engineered stone

Australian benchtop manufacturer SilkSurface has announced that researchers from the University of Adelaide confirmed that its new product is a true and silica-free alternative to engineered stone. 

Guarda Systems commends ban on engineered stone, but calls for new enhanced regulations

Guarda Systems, an environmental health and safety technology company, said the national ban on engineered stone in Australia is a step in the right direction but noted the urgent need for new and improved regulations. 

Engineered stone to be banned across Australia from July 2024

Australian government leaders have reached a consensus to establish a national ban on engineered stone, a material that can cause serious health conditions including silicosis for industrial workers. 

Researchers reveal hazardous substances in engineered stone aside from silica

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of Tasmania have found other substances in engineered stone that are damaging to workers’ lungs aside from silica. 

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