PepsiCo’s Regency Park manufacturing plant commemorates 40 years of snack production

Anna Marie Dykstra at the Regency Park site. Image supplied.

PepsiCo’s Regency Park manufacturing facility is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the birthplace of some of Australia’s most beloved snacks, including Smith’s, Red Rock Deli, Doritos, and Twisties.

Since its establishment in South Australia in 1983, the facility has been a cornerstone of PepsiCo’s commitment to the local manufacturing industry, the company said in a press release.

To craft these snacks, PepsiCo said it annually sources 40,000 tonnes of potatoes from South Australian farmers in Angle Vale, Parilla, and Langhorne.

This site introduced the premium potato chip brand, Red Rock Deli, and continues to produce the world-famous Doritos range, including innovative limited-edition flavours like coriander.

Furthermore, it manufactures the Smith’s Oven Baked range, a ‘better for you’ potato chip launched in 2020.

To date, the Regency Park facility employs 310 South Australian residents, including Anna Marie Dykstra, celebrating her 30th anniversary with the company this year.

Her journey at PepsiCo started as a packing checkway attendant, and she has since held various roles, currently serving as a Training Leader.

Anna Marie warmly expressed her connection to the company, saying, “This is my second family. I say that because sometimes when you’re tired, you still want to come in because you are looking forward to seeing your friends, to work again. I enjoy working here; I really enjoy it, and I’m so proud of being an employee of PepsiCo.”

PepsiCo ANZ Manufacturing Director Doug Stakic, who has been part of the Regency Park site for 37 years, emphasised the company’s vital role in South Australian farming and manufacturing.

“We are proud of our contribution to the South Australian economy through our Regency Park facility over the past four decades, and we are committed to continuing this contribution for decades to come through ongoing investment and expansion,” Stakic remarked.

In 2019, PepsiCo invested $37 million in upgrading the manufacturing facility, with a total of over $72 million invested in the site over the past five years.