Pure Hydrogen hits milestone in Turquoise hydrogen production

State-of-the-art pyrolysis technology from Plenesys arriving at Turquoise Group’s facility in Brisbane. Image credit: Pure Hydrogen

Australian clean energy company Pure Hydrogen has confirmed that Turquoise Group (TG) recently received essential equipment from its international development partner to propel the construction and development of a Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) dedicated to turquoise hydrogen production.

Situated in Brisbane, Queensland, the CDP is a collaborative effort between Turquoise Group and Plenesys, the designer of the innovative HyPlasma technology process.

This plasma-based technique transforms methane gas into turquoise hydrogen and solid carbon products, offering a highly energy-efficient, water-free, and emission-free approach.

Turquoise hydrogen is produced through controlled methane gas decomposition, enabling its conversion into hydrogen and valuable solid carbon products like graphene.

The international delivery of plasma-based methane pyrolysis equipment by Plenesys marks a crucial milestone in Turquoise Group’s plan to establish itself as a pioneer in turquoise hydrogen production.

With all necessary equipment secured, Turquoise Group is set to proceed with the construction and commissioning of the CDP, with an expected completion in Q1 2024.

Following the construction phase, a six-month intensive testing program will commence, focusing on optimising hydrogen production and advancing graphene production capabilities.

Pure Hydrogen’s strategic 40 per cent investment in Turquoise Group remains non-dilutive for 3.5 years.

The investment terms grant Pure Hydrogen exclusive rights to acquire hydrogen produced by Turquoise Group within Australia for a 20-year period at attractive market prices, linked to the value of solid carbon offtake products, including graphene.

Turquoise Group’s hydrogen production facility aligns with Pure Hydrogen’s strategy to establish a multi-channel offering of hydrogen vehicles and create an interconnected hydrogen ecosystem supplying net-zero hydrogen fuel sources at scale.

The company prioritises strategic partnerships with technology and expertise-driven entities like Turquoise Group and Plenesys, leveraging its strengths in sales and distribution to contribute to the advancement of commercially viable solutions.

Pure Hydrogen Managing Director Scott Brown expressed satisfaction with the latest milestone in the collaboration between Turquoise Group and Plenesys for the commercial demonstration plant in Brisbane.

Brown stated that the delivery of advanced pyrolysis technology from Plenesys was the result of an extensive period of engagement and planning to establish detailed specifications.

“With all equipment now successfully procured, the Turquoise Group can move towards construction and testing, with the view to proving the commercial viability of the emerging turquoise hydrogen technology,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Sam Taubert, Turquoise Group CEO and managing director, shared optimism following promising results from the prototype testing phase conducted by their technology partner.

Taubert conveyed confidence in proving hydrogen and graphene production after the completion of the construction and commissioning phases of the CDP in Q1 2024.

“Looking forward to 2024, subject to a successful testing phase, we anticipate numerous commercial opportunities that will reinforce the viability of this groundbreaking technology,” the CEO concluded.