Queensland budget to fund 600 new modular homes

Artist's Impression of a Modular Home Prototype. Image credit: qld.gov.au

Queensland Premier Steven Miles announced an investment in the state’s housing sector, committing $2.8 billion in the upcoming state Budget to deliver its housing plan.

This funding includes manufacturing hundreds of modular homes to address the housing shortage in Queensland, the government said in a media statement.

Speaking at the QBuild Rapid Accommodation and Apprentice Centres in Eagle Farm, Premier Miles revealed the plan to have 600 more modular homes under construction by the end of the year.

“As your Premier, I am doing what matters for Queenslanders – delivering more homes, better healthcare services, and critically, cost of living relief to every household,” Miles said.

“It’s our plan that’s delivering one million more Homes for Queenslanders,” he added.

Modular homes, which are built in a factory and then transported to their final location, offer a quicker and more efficient solution compared to traditional builds, according to the government.

These homes can be set up in as little as three months, significantly reducing the time people spend in temporary accommodation.

The new modular homes will be distributed across various locations, including Bundaberg, Innisfail, Mackay, and Warwick, as well as other remote and regional areas in Queensland.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to grow this segment of the housing sector and expedite the provision of permanent housing solutions.

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick emphasised the importance of this investment for the state.

“The Miles Labor Government is doing what matters for Queenslanders, by delivering safe and affordable places to call home. We are doing this by pulling every lever possible,” he stated.

Dick continued, “To deliver the Homes for Queenslanders we’ve committed $2.8 billion in the upcoming Budget, the largest investment in housing in Queensland’s history.”

Meanwhile, the Premier underscored the need for innovative approaches to meet the state’s housing needs.

“I know that to build the homes Queensland needs, we need to do things differently, which is why QBuild and businesses across the state will be enlisted to rollout more modular homes,” Miles stated.

“My first budget as Premier of the state will help get more homes up off the ground, put more tradies on the tools, provide support for renters, and our hardworking homelessness organizations,” Miles added.