Queensland positions manufacturing as a key player in clean energy transition

Image credit: Nataliya Hora/stock.adobe.com

The Queensland Government has welcomed the Albanese Labor Government’s initiative to drive new clean energy generation and storage and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape.

This landmark decision is expected to usher in a new era for the manufacturing sector, positioning it as the primary beneficiary, with the anticipation of job opportunities and economic development, the government revealed in a media statement.

The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, already in motion, provides a comprehensive framework to support the rapid deployment of new dispatchable power.

One notable facet of this plan is the establishment of Clean Energy Hubs at existing power stations, strategically designed to streamline approvals, construction, and connection processes, ensuring a swift and efficient transition to cleaner energy sources.

Currently boasting a robust renewable generation pipeline exceeding 60 gigawatts, Queensland is poised for further growth.

With the recent announcement by the Queensland Government, an additional 1.5 gigawatts of dispatchable storage could be swiftly identified, further propelling Queensland’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

What sets this collaboration apart is not only the commitment to clean energy but also the foresight to foster economic growth and job creation.

Queensland, standing at the forefront of this green revolution, said it is prepared to join forces with the Albanese Government to accelerate growth in new industries.

This cooperative effort stands in stark contrast to the previous focus of the Federal LNP Government, which predominantly centred on extending the use of fossil fuels.

The Albanese Labor Government’s collaborative approach with the Palaszczuk Government demonstrates a commitment to decarbonising industries and the energy system, setting the stage for a more sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.

Energy and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni expressed his views on the recent announcement, emphasising its potential for substantial progress in Australia’s low-emissions industry, job creation, and investment.

He revealed that information from Queensland’s publicly owned energy companies indicates that the expanded Capacity Investment Scheme could facilitate the rapid initiation of additional projects.

“I have already been informed by Queensland’s publicly owned energy companies, that the expanded Capacity Investment Scheme could now enable us to swiftly bring on additional projects, including an estimated 1.5GW of extra battery storage, on top of the existing pipeline,” de Brenni stated.

The minister also noted the global interest in Queensland’s renewable energy initiatives, with respected investors expressing a keen desire to collaborate on a 22GW generation and 13GW storage and firming pipeline.

“I look forward to supporting Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen to make this initiative a huge success, and our message is Queensland is ready, willing and able to play its part – let’s work together and get the job done,” de Brenni concluded.