Queensland’s Lytton Refinery expansion to create 300 jobs

Image credit: Ampol

Approximately 300 construction jobs are slated to open at the Port of Brisbane as part of Lytton Refinery’s planned expansion to improve fuel security and deliver lower emissions fuel. 

The expansion project is in line with the recently declared Ampol Future Fuels Desulfurisation Project, a prescribed and critical infrastructure project included in the Coordinator-General’s recommendations. 

The Lytton Refinery is one of two oil refineries remaining in Australia, and the only one in Queensland. 

Acting Premier Steven Miles said the facility’s upgrade will improve fuel security and efficiency in Queensland and nationally while delivering cleaner lower emissions fuel. 

This will also ensure the Lytton Refiner continues to operate long into the future, enabling the retention of high-skill manufacturing jobs in Queensland. 

“Declaring the project a prescribed project and critical infrastructure project will ensure timely decision-making to help get this project off the ground,” Miles said. 

The Lytton project will include plant upgrades, expansion, and associated works on land owned by Ampol, within and adjoining the existing refinery, according to Member for Lutton Joan Pease. 

“The refinery has been operating in Lytton for over 50 years, supporting jobs and industry in our community,” Pease said.

In addition to the 300 construction roles, the project is expected to safeguard ongoing jobs for 450 employees and 400 contractors. 

Andrew Brewer, executive general manager for fuel supply chain at Ampol, welcomed the Queensland government’s declaration. 

“Ampol has proudly operated the Lytton Refinery since 1965 and is eager to get the Ampol Future Fuels Desulfurisation Project finalised and underway so we can move to the next stage of the refinery’s life,” Brewer said.

“I know approvals associated with the project are complex and need to be obtained within tight timeframes. We would like to thank the Queensland Government for their ongoing support, and we look forward to working with them as we finalise our own approvals and commence work on this project.”