Rockwell Automation bolsters Austmine ties as industry leader

Image credit: Rockwell Automation

Industrial automation and digital transformation giant Rockwell Automation has elevated its support for Austmine, the premier industry association for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) sector.

The announcement reveals Rockwell Automation’s transition to an Industry Leader partnership, marking an extension of its longstanding commitment to Austmine, where it has been the longest continuous partner.

Austmine CEO Christine Gibbs Stewart expressed delight at welcoming Rockwell Automation as an Industry Leader.

“As a long-term member and supporter of Austmine, and a technology leader in our industry, Rockwell exemplifies the best of what Australian METS companies have to offer and we are thrilled to be partnering with such a well-known brand,” said Stewart.

Highlighting Rockwell’s position as a technology leader in the industry, she commended the company’s embodiment of the best qualities of Australian METS companies.

Anthony Wong, regional director for Rockwell Automation South Pacific, emphasised the strategic decision to deepen the relationship with Austmine.

He underscored the importance of collaboration on mining innovation, aligning with the shared goal of propelling the Australian mining industry toward enhanced productivity and sustainability.

“We have watched Austmine’s focus on ESG, data visualisation, technology leadership, and information solution services, which are crucial to the future of the mining industry, including the electric mine, and we believe we are ideally equipped with the hardware, software, experience, and technical expertise to provide industry leadership in these areas,” added Wong.

Joining the esteemed ranks of Austmine’s Industry Leaders and Partners alongside Nokia, Accenture, Thiess, and Resource Super, Rockwell Automation brings its expertise to the “Connected Mine.”

Specialising in integrated systems and scalable analytics, Rockwell Automation facilitates mine-to-market visibility, enabling informed decision-making for a more efficient and sustainable mining industry.

Furthermore, Anthony Wong commented on the challenges faced by the mining industry, underscoring the significance of data utilisation for staying competitive and driving efficiencies.

“Technologies that focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, maximising yield recovery, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining safe or zero-harm environments will be crucial to the advancement of the mining industry,” he noted.

“Rockwell Automation can provide solutions to accomplish full mine digitisation, and working with a leading industry association like Austmine will allow us to learn more from the industry and further tailor our solutions to real-world applications,” Wong concluded.