RVMAP on target to confirm compliance


RVM Australia, the peak organization for the country’s RV (Recreational Vehicles) manufacturing industry, is well on course to complete the delivery of its RV Manufacturing Accreditation Program (RVMAP) this year.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

Since its launch date back in April, RVMAP has become a key element of the Association’s effort to ensure total industry compliance.

David Duncan, CEO of RVM Australia, said the program had finished a scheduled review late last year to further increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

“The review confirmed that RVMAP is very much what our industry needs, and we have now fine-tuned it,” he said.

“Because RVMAP uses digital tablets rather than pen-and-paper, we have been able to incorporate software that makes many of the required calculations automatically. This year’s audits include both physical inspections of RVs and desktop audits of members’ quality and compliance systems. This will help to determine the frequency cycle of each Member’s inspections for the future.”

According to him, RVMAP represents a great leap forward in industry compliance since the Association was established in 1976.

“What we have achieved in the past two years, with the creation of RVM Australia, RVMAP and several related initiatives is a great credit to our Board and our whole team,” he said.

“As an important adjunct to RVMAP, our technical team has completely overhauled our Code of Practice, which will be launched in a few weeks – and that’s just part of it.”

Mr Duncan further added that they had also facilitated the latest Australian Standards accessible by all their members at affordable prices, and that they were currently reviewing some of the standards themselves.

“It’s pleasing that we have the attention of the Federal Department of Industry, which understands our importance as a strong, successful manufacturing industry.”

For more information about RVM Australia visit http://rvma.com.au/