Saunders lands two water tank projects totaling $17 million

Image credit: Saunders International

Saunders International Limited has been awarded two significant contracts in the water sector, totalling approximately $17 million.

This achievement underscores the company’s dedication to enhancing regional water security through expanded storage capacity, the company said in an ASX announcement.

The first project involves the construction of the New Bald Hill Tanks in Sunbury, Victoria. Saunders will design and construct two 10-megalitre water tanks for storing potable water.

This project, commissioned by Aqua Metro on behalf of Greater Western Water—a repeat client for Saunders—will be executed under a fast-tracked design and construction program.

The ASX-listed company said the approach aims to minimise disruption to local residents by engaging closely with the supply chain and constructing both tanks in parallel.

In Marsfield, New South Wales, Saunders will build a single 10-megalitre water tank for the Marsfield Reservoir New Build project.

This contract, awarded by Confluence Water for Sydney Water, marks Saunders’ fourth tank project with Sydney Water in the past five years.

The company will self-perform the entire scope, using a just-in-time delivery strategy to manage operations efficiently on the highly constrained site.

The tank is designed for a 100-year lifespan, aligning with Sydney Water’s asset requirements and long-term growth strategy.

Mark Benson, managing director and CEO of Saunders, underscored the company’s commitment to the water sector, stating, “Saunders has a strong legacy in water tank and reservoir construction, it’s a cornerstone of our service portfolio.”

He added, “We’re committed to delivering quality, long-term critical infrastructure to our local communities, ensuring water supply meets growing demand while safeguarding water security.”

These new projects will contribute to Saunders’ revenue and earnings in FY24 and FY25.