Forest and Wood Products Australia to lead rebranded timber framing campaign

Image credit: Forest & Wood Products Australia

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is set to spearhead an initiative highlighting the advantages of timber framing in construction, aiming to boost its promotion efforts.

Originally founded within the Softwood Manufacturing Chamber of the Australian Forest Products Association and financially supported by the Timber Framing Collective, the ‘Timber Framing: The Ultimate Renewable’ campaign will undergo a rebrand under WoodSolutions and be overseen by FWPA to sustain its achievements.

To oversee the effort, FWPA has appointed former board member and Timber Framing Collective founding member, Christine Briggs, as Campaign Manager.

Briggs brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience along with a breadth of industry knowledge, ensuring the campaign’s ongoing success.

FWPA’s Head of Build Environment and WoodSolutions Program, Kevin Peachey, emphasised the importance of the campaign in supporting the forest and wood products industry.

“Timber framing is a cost-effective, long-lasting, and sustainable option for framing in construction, and we believe it should remain a part of the DNA of Australian homes,” said Peachey.

“The timber framing industry employs over 45,000 people across the supply chain, providing significant job opportunities. By highlighting these advantages and promoting timber framing as the preferred material among builders, we can support our members and expand the market share of timber framing in Australia.”

“Under Christine’s guidance, FWPA can enhance its creative and strategic efforts to communicate this story to builders, developers, and the broader construction industry,” he added.

Briggs expressed her enthusiasm for the campaign and the benefits it would have for suppliers, builders, and consumers alike. 

“From bolstering jobs and the supply chain to delivering cost-effective, renewable materials and creating high-quality, durable homes, timber framing is a success story from beginning to end,” remarked Briggs. 

“I am eager to spotlight this valuable product and highlight its essential role in Australian homes.”

In addition to existing campaign funding provided by the Timber Framing Collective funding partners, FWPA has committed further investment to ensure the ongoing success of the campaign. 

FWPA Head of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Downey, highlighted FWPA’s unique position to champion this message. 

“FWPA’s WoodSolutions program is a recognized brand across industry, with established connections and authority in the building design and construction sector,” said Downey. 

“By bringing the timber framing campaign under the WoodSolutions umbrella, we can expand its reach and increase funding opportunities.”

FWPA will commence management of the campaign from 1 July 2024.