Schneider Electric upgrades Trade-UPS program to boost e-waste recycling

Image credit: Schneider Electric 

Energy management and automation leader Schneider Electric has revamped its Trade-UPS program to help uninterruptible power supply (UPS) vendors in Australia modernise their IT infrastructure and reduce their e-waste. 

The new program seeks to make the recycling process more time- and cost-effective for UPS vendors by allowing selected partners to trade in and recycle old APC or competitor-branded units for brand-new ones, free of charge. 

As part of the Trade-UPS program, Schneider Electric will collect all old APC UPS units, validate, and recycle them efficiently upon purchasing new APC UPS units from a preferred distributor, along with a service warranty. 

Once the process is complete, partners can claim their rebate based on the UPS unit brand and a certificate of recycling based on the purchase of their new APC unit. 

Furthermore, a newly added feature to the program will now allow customers to promote their own green credentials by having the option to track the e-waste and display how much has successfully been diverted from the landfill. 

“Australia’s IT infrastructure needs are evolving rapidly, so it’s vital for businesses to scale and modernise their technology to be fit for purpose. By providing partners with a way to dispose of redundant technology safely, we hope to reduce IT waste across the industry,” said Joe Craparotta, vice president of IT business at Schneider Electric. 

The upgraded offering is available to APC by Schneider Electric Select, Premier, and Elite partners. 

Schneider Electric established the Trade-UPS program in collaboration with APC. The program’s revamp comes as part of Schneider’s ongoing commitment to achieving full circularity throughout the product life cycle.