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Schneider Electric upgrades Trade-UPS program to boost e-waste recycling

Energy management and automation leader Schneider Electric has revamped its Trade-UPS program to help uninterruptible power supply (UPS) vendors in Australia modernise their IT infrastructure and reduce their e-waste. 

What does it take to truly achieve smart manufacturing in Asia Pacific?

Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed the rise of Asia Pacific through its manufacturing capability, fueled by labor, economic and regulatory advantages. However, the world’s manufacturing powerhouse is now at a critical inflection point.

Breaking barriers with a hyperconnected shop floor

Manufacturing leaders in Australia are playing in an increasingly competitive field where only the slightest difference in gameplay— in this case, data-driven solutions— can make or break a business’ performance. 

SoftIron launches Australia’s first-ever advanced computer manufacturing facility

SoftIron has opened Australia’s first-ever component-level IT infrastructure manufacturing facility in Sydney, bringing Australia one step closer towards developing its first sovereign capability in critical technology. 

Aussie researchers develop world’s first self-calibrated photonic chip

Scientists from Monash and RMIT Universities in Melbourne have developed a method to create the world’s first self-calibrated photonic integrated circuit that builds bridges...

IOT – The barriers to scaling

In the midst of global events that have shaped the way entire nations do business, the manufacturing sector remains important to the economies of...

Boeing awards $200m in space contracts to six small businesses

A number of small companies specialising in engineering, information technology, software development and mission assurance support have received a total of $200 million in...

ConnectED 2015 – the road towards establishing a Connected Enterprise

The line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is becoming less and less defined as technology progresses at an ever-growing pace. Establishing...


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Beyond insights: CRM’s transformative role in sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing companies worldwide are increasingly gearing up for a significant transformation with environmental sustainability at the centre. This comes amid stronger environmental regulations, a shift in consumer behaviour, and the industrial sector delves deeper into Industry 4.0.