SEA Electric teams up with Mack Trucks as tier 1 supplier

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Electric vehicle drive train manufacturer SEA Electric has taken the next step in its aim to eradicate emissions from the transportation industry, becoming a Tier 1 partner to Mack Trucks in the United States for the delivery of the proprietary SEA-Drive power system.

In a media release, SEA Electric said the five-year partnership will centre on the next generation of Mack’s MD line, with fully electric versions delivered to Mack dealers across North America.

Namely, the SEA-Drive 120 and 180 power systems, which top the market in terms of performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership, will be installed in Class 6 and 7 Mack MD6 and MD7 models.

The SEA-Drive power system may be customised to a broad range of end applications thanks to its flexible and upgradeable design, said the company.

It also fully electrifies all auxiliary features and uses the integrated onboard system to complete charging.

“This is a proud day for SEA Electric and the culmination of over a decade of leading research and development that has proven the SEA-Drive power system around the world,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric CEO and founder.

During testing, Fairweather said the Mack MD6 with SEA-Drive underwent a strenuous durability examination, equal to more than 500,000 kilometres on what he claims was one of the hardest and most difficult courses.

“We are proud to partner with a brand as iconic as Mack Trucks to help them achieve market leadership in Class 6 and 7 zero emissions segment,” the CEO noted.

Fairweather added that the potential for the agreement to grow significantly in the future is quite exciting for the business as it makes the transition to a sustainable future.

The agreement represents a significant advancement for Mack Trucks, as well.

Martin Weissburg, global president of Mack Trucks, said the company is thrilled to debut the Mack MD Electric for medium-duty clients eager to implement zero-emissions technology in their fleets.

“We are pleased to partner with SEA Electric on this exciting product, which represents another important step in our efforts to drive decarbonisation and a more sustainable future,” Weissburg noted.