Seeley International to build a $20m manufacturing hub in Wodonga

Braemar SuperStealth cooler
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Seeley International has unveiled plans to build a $20 million manufacturing hub in Wodonga, about 300km north-east of Melbourne.

Seeley International Group Managing Director, Jon Seeley said the company has already purchased a 4.7 hectare parcel of land where the proposed 12,000 sq/m state-of-the-art manufacturing hub and associated infrastructure will be built.

According to him, the new manufacturing hub will use advanced technology and automation processes to produce a range of innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling products for the Australian and international markets.

“This exciting new facility is a significant strategic milestone for Seeley International, providing an ideal base for our current and future growth.  It also enables us to maintain a strong employer presence within the local community as we continue to invest in our loyal local workforce, with projected direct employment growth of around 60% in the next five years,” Mr Seeley said.

“There will also be knock-on economic benefits for the local community during the construction activity and beyond as trades, our workforce, transport and logistics operators and other contractors come into the area and take advantage of local shops, cafes and other businesses.”

The new manufacturing facility, which is part-funded by a Victorian Premier’s Job and Investment Fund grant, is expected fully operational before the end of 2019.

“This innovative manufacturing hub – which replaces our dated, much smaller current facility in nearby Albury – will play a critical role in our overall operations,” Mr Seeley continued.

“This will occur in stages, by initially utilising the existing warehouse from the 2nd quarter of 2018 whilst the new factory is built and equipped,  ramping-up to full production by the end of 2019.”

The hub will manufacture several key products, including the company’s market leading, energy efficient Braemar residential heating products, its hyper-efficient Climate Wizard commercial air conditioners and the entire AIRA commercial heating and cooling product range.

“As an industry leader, Seeley International is committed to creating innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling products for national and international markets, and it is critical that we have modern manufacturing facilities and techniques to enable this to happen,” Mr Seeley added.

“At a time when many other Australian manufacturers are closing their doors, downsizing or looking to move off-shore, we are pleased to be able to strengthen our local commitment by investing in this development, and continuing to focus on innovation, developing world class technology and integrating high levels of automation.”

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