Sikorsky Australia completes maintenance work for US Navy helicopter

Image credit: Sikorsky

Sikorsky Australia has officially completed deep-level maintenance of a US Navy MH-60R Seahawk “Romeo” helicopter in Nowra, New South Wales. 

The achievement marks an industry first for the Australian defence sector and builds on the 100-year partnership between Australia and the United States. 

The helicopter, which arrived in Australia in October last year, will soon return to the United States after successful maintenance and repairs by Sikorsky. 

“Australians performing a deep-level maintenance on a Romeo helicopter signifies the trust and confidence of the United States Navy in our local industry and the skill and competence of our tradespeople and technicians,” said Assistant Minister for Defence Matt Thistlethwaite. 

“Sikorsky Australia and its employees should rightly be proud of this achievement. It is no small feat to keep the most advanced maritime helicopter in the world fighting fit,” he added. 

More than 200 personnel in Nowra worked on the project, delivering maintenance, logistics, warehousing, and technical support for the Royal Australian Navy MH-60R. 

Sikorsky’s project aligns with the Australian government’s efforts to further strengthen supply resilience in the region with initiatives to expand maintenance, repair, overhaul, and upgrade manufacturing capabilities. 

The Royal Australian Navy fleet of MH-60R helicopters is expanding to a total of 36 aircraft from mid-2025 through Project SEA9100. 

“Our local defence industry partners continue to achieve excellent outcomes. With the support provided for the Romeo helicopter, we can now add this significant milestone to its list of achievements,” the assistant minister added.