Solidteknics wins top manufacturing honour at 2023 Naturally Good Awards

Solidteknics Operations Manager Kara Wright and Solidteknics Business Development Manager Sasha McLean. Image supplied.

Sydney-based company Solidteknics has clinched the Best Australian Manufactured Product award at this year’s Naturally Good event for their AUS-ION cookware range.

Solidteknics’ range of AUS-ION frypans and baking trays wowed the judges as these products are the only wrought-iron range produced in Australia, the manufacturer said in a press release. 

“We’re a small team based in Sydney who work hard along with our manufacturing partner, so it’s wonderful to be recognised,” said Solidteknics Operations Manager Kara Wright. 

She claimed that their cookware collection is indestructible and intended to be passed down from generation to generation.

“There’s so much complexity to manufacturing, so the fact we can make it happen in Australia means a lot. We’ve had a lot of interest at the show this year and are hoping healthy living stores and distributors will consider stocking the range,” Wright explained. 

According to the company, all AUS-ION pans are pre-seasoned and have a Quenched finish, which provides a robust, resilient seasoning foundation. 

Made from pure Australian iron, the pans may also be seasoned to create and maintain a healthy, naturally non-stick surface and are perfect for regular oil and fat cooking. 

Solidteknics also revealed the pans rarely need to be heated above medium heat because of their strong conductivity.

Naturally Good Product Manager, Sinead Kavanagh, said the quality of entrants this year had exceeded all expectations.

 “The standard of products and brands is phenomenal considering the natural health space has become such a competitive space,” she said.

Kavanagh added, “The level of dedication and innovation has been so impressive that we included a number of new categories this year.”

Looking forward, she said that the program is anticipating even more categories and entrants next year.

“Being presented with such a prestigious award is a major accolade which will accelerate growth and interest in winning brands. Congratulations to our deserving winners and all who entered,” Kavanagh concluded. 

The event, held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on 5 June, featured a list of outstanding exhibitors nominated across 13 categories.