South West projects to benefit from RED grants funding to foster jobs, industry growth

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Seven projects in the South West region of Australia are set to receive a total of $562,602 in funding as part of Round 6 of the Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants program.

The RED Grants program, an initiative by the Western Australian Government, is committing $50.85 million over nine years to support locally driven projects aimed at enhancing regional business resilience and diversifying the economy.

Among the recipients is Alpine Laundry, which has been awarded a $150,000 grant to expand its linen cleaning services throughout the South West.

This funding will enable the purchase of new equipment to increase laundry capacity, particularly benefiting tourism providers who currently have to transport their linen to Perth for cleaning.

The expansion will also position Alpine Laundry to compete for significant hospital contracts, a service not currently provided by any commercial laundry in the region.

Kingston Rest Farm is set to receive $100,000 to develop a large-scale indoor sheep feedlot to meet the demand from V&V Walsh in Bunbury, ensuring a consistent year-round supply of prime lamb for export.

This project will not only expand animal husbandry options but also result in cleaner animals for processors and create an opportunity to sell captured manure as fertilizer.

South West Hops has secured a $99,392 grant for the introduction of a new processing plant to enhance hops cultivation on their farm.

The new infrastructure, available to other hops growers, will contribute to industry expansion and significantly increase the applicant’s capacity to supply fresh and pelletized hops to South West brewers.

Boyup Brook Hotel will receive $64,485 in funding for a comprehensive redevelopment project that aims to reopen the kitchen, restaurant, bar, and accommodation facilities to the public.

The refurbishment will also involve redeveloping 10 guest rooms to cater to increased accommodation demand from contractors, essential workers, and tourists in the region.

These successful projects in Round 6 are poised to diversify and enhance capacity in agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors across the South West region.

Regional Development Minister Don Punch emphasised the program’s role in supporting local businesses and driving industry growth and diversification.

“What is really great about the RED Grants program is the way the funding enables local businesses to take that next step, unlocking growth in industry,” the minister noted.

According to him, Round 6 has provided backing to a variety of projects in the South West, contributing to the expansion and improvement of capabilities within the agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors throughout the regio

Other successful Round 6 RED Grant recipients in the South West include the Margaret River Chocolate Company, which will utilise their $85,000 grant to expand their existing manufacturing, sales, and cafe facility.

Boyup Brook Hotel, receiving a grant of $64,485, will embark on a comprehensive upgrade to enhance their accommodation services.

Cumbers WA for Cumbers Family Trust has been granted $49,995 to support the expansion of Vineyard 28’s winery.

The Foodey Collective is set to benefit from a $13,730 grant, furthering their Foodey Ready Made project.