Sparc on track for initial commercial production with ecosparc commission

First production run of ecosparc® 1001 – Heavy Duty Industrial Coating. Image supplied.

Sparc Technologies has commissioned its graphene additive product, ecosparc, at its commercial production facility in Adelaide, South Australia.

The state-of-the-art facility will enable Sparc to manufacture commercial quantities of the graphene additive product for target markets including the global coatings industry, composites, and other graphene additive applications.

The focus for the ASX-listed company now lies on undertaking evaluations with potential global end users with results from these evaluations expected in Q3 and Q4, respectively.

Likewise, the company is pursuing opportunities to market to Australian coatings firms that want to use ecosparc to improve the anti-corrosive and environmental performance of their goods.

In order to improve environmental consequences, the ecosparc product can also be added to composites and other bulk materials. 

According to Sparc, it is now conducting product trials for both domestic and foreign businesses in these markets.

“Sparc is delighted to be in the strong position whereby it is now able to produce ecosparc in commercial grades and quantities,” SPN executive chairman Stephen Hunt said. 

Hunt added that the production allows the company to supply products for global coatings and composites, as well as the local market. 

“This is very significant as it is an important step on the path to commercialisation,” he remarked. 

With these significant achievements, Sparc revealed that its managing director Mike Bartels has resigned effective immediately.

Dr Denis Wright has been named graphene general manager, while Nick O’Loughlin has been tapped as renewable energy general manager.

Wright has a PhD in Organic Chemistry with over 20 years’ experience in technical-based leadership and management roles.

Meanwhile, O’Loughlin was an Associate Director (Vice President) at Rothschild & Co in London from 2017 to 2020, where he advised on several landmark transactions in the resources sector.

Both posts will report directly to executive chairman Stephen Hunt, with Ian Rowell in the United States and Aidan Mernin in the United Kingdom continuing to play major roles in managing partnerships with global coatings and composites firms on both continents.