SPC Ardmona wants your support for 100% Australian grown fruits and vegetables


SPC Ardmona  wants you to pledge your support for 100% Aussie grown produce and help save the Australian food industry.

Screenshot: Meant To Be Grown website
Screenshot: Meant To Be Grown website

By visiting their support page at MeantToBeGrown.com.au, you can tell state and federal MPs to share your concern about saving the Australian packaged fruit industry.

The company is one of Australia’s largest fruit and vegetable processing companies with nearly 840 full-time employees and another 2,700 jobs  supported by the company in the Goulburn Valley region.

The company has been producing premium packed fruit and vegetables for Australians for over 90 years. Their locally grown produce is processed at the main manufacturing facilities in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley region.

Their products are available in international markets including New Zealand, UK/Europe, USA, Japan and South East Asia, and are now establishing operations in Thailand and Spain.

According to Essential Economics (June, 2013), the company contributes to the development of the country by injecting about AUD$63 million into the local economy. Today, they generate sales of AUD$550 million per year.

Since 2010, the value of processed fruit and vegetables imported into the Australian market amounts to more than AUD$260 million, according to the Australian Food Statistics of 2011/12.

However, according to the last tree census conducted by SPC Ardmona, Australian peach and pear growers were forced to destroy over 300,000 peach and pear trees in the past year.

They are now offering you an opportunity to contact your MP and urge him or her to help support the Australian food industry  by purchasing home grown products for governmental departments.

By emailing your MP, you are supporting manufacturing jobs in Australia, helping farmers keep their land and ensuring that Australian families will continue to get clean, green and high quality Aussie produce.

You can download and use their template to create a letter you can send to your MP. The template contains the text of a letter that you can personalize yourself. The prewritten letter can be send to State and Federal MPs. You can also find your MP’s email address on the parliament website. Show your support and send that letter today!

Pledge your support for 100% Aussie-grown by sharing the site with your friends and reaching out to your MP here.