SPEE3D to launch ground-breaking metal 3D printing simulator


Australian company SPEE3D is set to release SPEE3DCraft, the first end-to-end metal manufacturing simulator which allows individuals to discover industry leading metal manufacturing technology in a more accessible way.

Built by additive manufacturing experts, SPEE3DCraft is a multi-level, training-based, free-to-download metal 3D printing simulator, designed to provide an engaging virtual insight into real-life metal 3D printing processes.

SPEE3D CTO and Co-Founder Steven Camilleri said SPEE3DCraft was built by an in-house team and reviewed by experts to provide users the most authentic AM experience possible.

In this multi-level simulator, Mr Camilleri continued, individuals interact with the same real-world SPEE3D technology and machinery to design, print, post-process and supply metal parts.

“It looks like a game. It has level environments. A time challenge. But at the same time, it’s not really a game because this simulator shows what metal 3D printing actually involves,” he explained.

“We are hoping this simulator will provide people a helpful insight into SPEE3D’s processes, how they can use it to benefit themselves and their own industry.”

Image credit: https://spee3d.com/resources/?resource=news