Submission sought for innovation in space capability


Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price has announced that the Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) is seeking submissions to develop an innovative ‘space qualified’ Radio Frequency (RF) sensor payload as part of the Space Capabilities priority area.

Managed by DST – the Australian Government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests – NGTF is a Government initiative introduced with the Defence Industry Policy Statement in 2016.

Together with the Defence Innovation Hub and the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, these three form the integrated Defence innovation system.

The NGTF Space Capabilities priority area is designed to develop and demonstrate high risk, high payoff space technology for Defence.

In making the announcement, Minister Price said proposals are expected to span over a multi-year timeframe, with progress assessed on an annual basis.

“The NGTF will contribute up to $6.6 million in funding and support for ideas and proposals from industry and academia to identify and pursue research, design and testing aspects of any sensor payload,” the Minister said.

“Each proposal will be evaluated and assessed to determine the most appropriate funding mechanism and amounts that best facilitates working together on the resulting research activity.

“This initiative is central to Defence’s Resilient Multi-mission Space Science, Technology and Research (STaR) Shot program, and the broader Defence Science and Technology strategy.”

According to the Department of Defence, call for submissions will be released on AusTender in the first quarter of 2021.

Video: Defence Science and Technology Group – DSTG