Sunman secures funding boost to deliver next-gen solar technologies


The Federal Government is backing technology company Sunman to develop a new lightweight and flexible solar energy technology.

The Government, through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, is investing $9.6 million in the project which will see Sunman further develop and deploy its eArc solar photovoltaic (PV) panels – a flexible composite solar panel that is 70% lighter than a glass module and 14-17 kilograms lighter than conventional panels.

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor said the technology has a wider range of applications than traditional glass panels, allowing more Australian businesses and households to install solar panels.

“Australian households and businesses are increasingly choosing rooftop solar to power their homes,” Minister Taylor said.

“Already, one in four Australian homes have solar that is helping to reduce their energy bills.

“Being lightweight and able to be moulded to a variety of architecturally desirable shapes will allow these innovative panels to be installed in locations where heavy glass solar panels cannot, meaning more households and businesses can utilise solar power.”

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