Sydney’s strong manufacturing industry to be showcased in National Manufacturing Week 2014


Sydney’s recent success in surpassing Melbourne as Australia’s leading manufacturing centre will further be cemented, as the New South Wales’ state capital hosts the National Manufacturing Week from 13–16 May 2014.


The recent SGS Economics and Planning report aimed at analysing the economies of Australia’s capitals revealed that the value of Sydney’s manufacturing industry has surpassed the $21 billion benchmark in 2012–13, with Melbourne’s manufacturing value set at $18.9 billion.

Contrary to Victoria’s manufacturing sector, Sydney’s manufacturers have been focused on the domestic market and high-tech manufacturing such as biotechnology and advanced electronics, which have been less affected by the high dollar.

In a media release, NMW Exhibition Director Anthony Reed said this speaks to the success of Sydney’s many niche manufacturers.

“Despite operating in a tough marketplace, Sydney’s manufacturers are gaining ground in global markets — and some are beginning to see a positive cycle where success builds on success,” said Reed.

NMW 2014 will feature 15 Product Zones including dedicated areas for Sustainable, Digital and Additive Manufacturing, Machine Tools, Engineering Services and Advanced Materials. It will also incorporate Ausplas — Australia’s national trade exhibition for plastics technology — in Sydney for the first time since 1990.

“Designed to showcase technologies that help businesses build innovative, market-driven manufacturing capabilities, NMW is a significant opportunity for local manufacturers to arm themselves with the tools to maximise productivity, evolve their product offering and grow their business,” according to the media release.

The exhibit will also have three open-access Solutions Theatres, which will provide a platform for industry experts in Digital Manufacturing, Health & Safety/CleanTech and Plastics Technology to outline recent developments. NMW will also enable visitors to speak with research providers at its R&D Hub.

NMW 2014 will be held at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. Entry is free to the trade. For more information or to register, visit