Synergy awards GenusPlus $90M contract for Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System

Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System 2. Image credit: Synergy

National essential power and communications infrastructure provider GenusPlus Group has been awarded a contract by Synergy to undertake the Civil and Electrical Balance of Plant works (BOP Works) for the KBESS2 250 MVA/1000 MWh battery storage facility situated in Kwinana.

The contract, valued at approximately $90 million, encompasses early works and is slated for completion by the end of 2024, the ASX-listed company said in a media release.

The BOP Works will include a comprehensive range of services, including civil and structural works, precast and in-situ concrete culverts for cable trenches, an earthing system, firewater ring main, reticulation, and hydrant system.

Additionally, the scope involves foundations, concrete pavement, and the installation and commissioning of battery container units.

The project extends to the installation and commissioning of Power Conversion Systems (PCS), comprising inverter/chargers, transformers, and Ring Main Units (RMUs).

The auxiliary substations, featuring LV distribution boards, 33/0.415 kV transformers, and RMUs, will also be part of the BOP Works.

The communication and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, roads, drainage works, pre-action deluge dry pipe sprinkler system, and firewater supply system are integral components of the comprehensive contract.

KBESS2, boasting four times the storage capacity of its predecessor KBESS1, aligns with the Western Australia State Government’s decarbonisation strategy.

The state’s commitment to retire State-owned coal power stations by 2030 is a key driver for such initiatives.

KBESS2 plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth of distributed solar generation and the integration of large-scale renewable generation assets into the network.

Genus Managing Director David Riches expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to Synergy’s leadership in Western Australia’s transition toward a cleaner, more reliable, and affordable energy system.

“Genus is pleased to have been selected by Synergy for the Project following on from the work Genus performed at KBESS1,” he said.

Riches added, “We welcome the opportunity to continue to work with Synergy on these exciting projects, and to develop our relationship with Synergy, and look forward to delivering the Project safely and successfully for all parties.”