Perth firm wins $50 million for Collie battery switchyard works

Image credit: Synergy

Perth-based company SCEE Electrical has secured a $50 million contract from Synergy for the switchyard works as part of the Collie battery energy storage system project.

This project, announced by the Western Australian Government, aims to support renewable energy integration and enhance grid stability.

Under this contract, SCEE Electrical will deliver a 330kV switchyard, substation, and supporting ancillary buildings and equipment.

The switchyard will connect the Collie battery to Western Power’s network, a critical step in the project’s development.

The work includes the supply, installation, and commissioning of 330kV transformers, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, current/voltage transformers, and a control room.

Synergy had previously awarded SCEE Electrical a $160 million contract on 2 May 2024 for the balance of plant works at the Collie battery.

This contract includes the installation and commissioning of approximately 640 battery container units and 160 inverters.

Scheduled for completion in late 2025, the 500 megawatt/2000 megawatt hour Collie battery will become one of Australia’s largest battery energy storage systems.

These systems collect excess energy from rooftop solar panels and wind farms during the day and release it when needed in the evening and at peak times.

With the planned retirement of state-owned coal-fired power stations by 2030, the WA Government has committed $2.3 billion for Synergy to develop new battery storage solutions.