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Contractionary conditions ease for Aussie industries in September – Ai Group

The Ai Group Australian Industry Index has witnessed a reduction in contractionary conditions, marking an improvement of 8.2 points to reach a seasonally adjusted value of -3.5 points in September 2023. 

Australian manufacturing sees further decline in June— Ai Group

Australia’s manufacturing industry slipped further into contraction territory in June, led down by the chemicals industry, according to the latest survey from the Ai Group. 

Australian industry activity sees slower decline in May— Ai Group

The Ai Group’s Australian Industry Index has seen a moderated contraction in May 2023 and now stands at -10.9 points, up by 9.3 from April’s steep fall, signalling deteriorating conditions in the market and the 13th month the index has been in contraction.

Australian industry remains in contraction for a year— Ai Group

The Australian industry marked its 12th consecutive month in construction territory after seeing a fallback in demand and activity in April. 

Australian industry slips further into contraction over fall in new orders

The Ai Group Australian Industry Index slumped further in March as the industry sees a fall in demand, while the manufacturing sector rebounded led by improvements in the chemicals and food & beverage sectors. 


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