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Aussie manufacturers embrace sustainable practices with new policy

The Australian Government has unveiled its inaugural national Environmentally Sustainable Procurement Policy to stimulate robust demand for recycled goods, curtail waste generation, and propel the nation's manufacturing sector towards a circular economy model.

UNSW-led TRaCE program launches innovative recycling and clean energy projects

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in collaboration with the University of Newcastle (UoN) has introduced the Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE) scheme in a bid to accelerate the transition to a circular, clean energy economy.

Victoria’s textile, clothing & footwear manufacturing sector valued nearly at $1B, says report

In a collaboration between the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) and Epson Australia, research conducted by RMIT has shed light on the true economic worth of Victoria’s textile, clothing, and footwear (TCF) manufacturing sector.

Schneider Electric earns World Economic Forum recognition as a Circularity Lighthouse

Energy management and automation leader Schneider Electric has been recognised by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey as one of three global Circularity Lighthouses in the built environment.

$10M ReMade in Queensland grant to boost local remanufacturing projects

The Queensland government has launched the $10 million ReMade in Queensland (ReMiQ) program, which will help local manufacturers recover, recycle, and reprocess more sustainable products. 

New facility poised to recycle over 1 billion plastic bottles annually

The Federal and Victorian Labor Governments have unveiled a state-of-the-art plastic recycling facility set to process more than one billion plastic bottles annually. Circular Plastics...

Australia invests $40M in university-led initiative to bolster plastic recycling

The Australian Government has allocated $40 million to the University of Sydney to address the plastic waste crisis and establish a circular economy that imparts financial value to plastics at the end of their lifecycle.

Detpak pioneers sustainable packaging with Australia’s first PFAS-free sugarcane range

South Australia-headquartered packaging solutions company Detpak has launched Vanguard, the first broad range of compostable sugarcane plates, bowls, and containers with No-Added PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

Climate Smart Engineering Conference 2023 opens its doors tomorrow

Australia is set to host the 2023 Climate Smart Engineering Conference (CSE23) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on from 29 to 30 November.

How Boral is driving sustainability in Australia’s construction & demolition landscape

With the rapid advancement of urbanisation and infrastructure development all over the world, the question of how to address the volume of waste produced by the construction industry has become a serious and pressing issue on a global scale. 

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