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Markforged reveals 10% increase in revenue amid strong manufacturing resiliency

American additive manufacturing company Markforged has reported that its first quarter results revenue increased by 10 per cent, to $24.1 million (AUD 36 million) from $21.9 million (AUD 32.7 million) in the same period of the prior year. 

SQP Engineering adopts FX20 3D printer to accelerate production

Western Australia-based company SQP Engineering has joined various industrial companies that turned to Markforged’s FX20 3D printer to produce specialised parts that would otherwise be too expensive or outright impossible to machine. 

Markforged allows open access to 3D printing system for Australian industry

American additive manufacturing company Markforged said it is cooperating with the Australian industry to advance the capabilities of additive manufacturing by granting public access to its composite 3D printer.

Markforged tips ‘just in place’ to replace ‘just in time’ in Australian manufacturing

One of the world’s leading suppliers of AM printers, software and materials, US-based  Markforged, has just launched its largest and fastest printer, the FX20, to an enthusiastic reception from Australian manufacturers and engineers. 

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