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Minister King heads to North America, Canada for talks on critical minerals

Minister Madeleine King is visiting Canada and the United States from 3 to 8 March to discuss critical minerals essential for supporting eco-friendly technologies.

ANSTO to use $14M gov’t boost in rare earths R&D project

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) said rare earths will be a key area of focus for its minerals unit after it received $13.9 million in funding under the Australian Critical Minerals Research and Development Hub. 

Australia’s critical minerals sector receives $22M gov’t boost

The Australian Government has announced approximately $22 million in investments for three key research projects that will help boost the nation's critical minerals industry.

CSIRO, partners pioneer isotopic data platform for robust food traceability

Australia is set to bolster the credibility of its agricultural and food product claims through the introduction of an innovative isotopic data platform developed by four prominent research organisations in the country.

Australia develops world-first heavy minerals mapping tool to aid net zero efforts

Geoscience Australia and Curtin University have developed a new mapping tool to support the discovery of heavy minerals needed for the country’s net zero transition. 

New study finds hidden lithium reserves in Australia

Researchers have mapped out potential reserves of lithium located across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, opening up new possibilities for Australia’s lithium industry. 

Australia, US strengthen bilateral cooperation on critical minerals

Officials from Australia and the United States have agreed to launch a joint action plan aimed at improving the resilience and diversity of global...

New stratigraphic well could uncover vast reserves of recoverable shale oil and gas in...

Geoscientists from the Geological Survey of Western Australia and their peers from Geoscience Australia are conducting a stratigraphic well drilling in Western Australia's Canning...

Federal Government announces $12m investment in positioning technology  

The Federal Government announced that it will invest $12 million in a two-year program looking into the future of positioning technology in Australia. The funding...

Several projects under the Exploring for the Future programme now underway

The Australian Government announced that several projects are now underway under the $100 million Exploring for the Future program designed to boost exploration investment...

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