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Australia invests $40M in university-led initiative to bolster plastic recycling

The Australian Government has allocated $40 million to the University of Sydney to address the plastic waste crisis and establish a circular economy that imparts financial value to plastics at the end of their lifecycle.

Australia’s leading inventors honoured at 2023 ATSE Awards

The Australian Academy of Technology Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has awarded 10 of the best and brightest engineers and technologists in Australia for their work in addressing the nation's most pressing issues, spanning climate change, mining, plastic waste, battery technology, and food security. 

National team of experts developing technology to boost Australia’s vaccine manufacturing capability

A team of scientific experts are developing a biopolymer particle-based platform technology that will bring Australia a step closer towards establishing a sovereign capability to rapidly manufacture vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. 

ARC funds 57 innovative projects to bolster Australian research and industry

Australian researchers are urged to begin a range of research projects including finding innovative ways to develop resilient supply chains to better assist the economy, following today's announcement of Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded Linkage Projects.

Queensland’s biotech industry to take centre stage at BIO Convention

Queensland universities, research institutions, and leading businesses in the biomedical industry are set to showcase their innovations at the largest biotechnology conference in the world, the BIO International Convention in the United States. 

UNSW Sydney scientists advance organ-on-chip tech with 3D stretchable electronics

Engineers from UNSW Sydney have developed a way to build flexible electronic systems using ultra-thin skin-like materials in an effort to improve the efficiency of organ-on-chip technology. 

ARM Hub taps additive manufacturing in spinal cord injury tech dev’t

Australia-based Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub has collaborated with various organisations to provide its expertise in design, additive manufacturing, and robotics for the Spinal Life Australia (SLA) project in an effort to increase remote care solutions for people with disability.

IMCRC-backed project develops world-first Australian-made geotechnical sensor

Researchers from Griffith University and Geoinventions Consulting Services have developed a world-first multi-functional geotechnical sensor that could monitor the health of Australia’s roadways, enhancing safety and saving taxpayer money. 

‘Hot’ engineering research attracts federal funding

University of Southern Queensland manufacturing researchers are at the cutting edge of their field and have just been awarded funds to take their work to the next level.

Research collaboration to develop laser for cutting edge robotic dentistry

Media Releasee by IMCRC A collaborative research project between the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), dental technology company Dentroid Technologies and Griffith University is...

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