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BAE Systems Australia to manufacture titanium parts for F-35 jets in Adelaide facility

BAE Systems Australia has officially opened its new $10 million titanium machining facility at Edinburgh Parks, South Australia which would fabricate parts for the...

Steven Marshall wants to export manufacturing jobs overseas

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says Steven Marshall is “selling people out” after the Opposition leader talked about sending manufacturing jobs offshore. In an interview...

Weatherill worries the Productivity Commission review will not provide a good outcome for car...

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said he would continue to press the Federal Government and Holden to reach a decision regarding the future of...

SA Premier Weatherill is losing patience over drawn-out process regarding Holden’s future

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill is losing patience with the “dillydallying” over Holden’s future as the car manufacturer’s workers worry that the plant tour...

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