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PCE company micrometal demonstrates capabilities in manufacturing optical surgery tools

Photo-chemical etching (PCE) company micrometal has successfully showcased the capabilities of its next-generation precision metal processing technology following some recent work with a manufacturer of ophthalmic devices incorporating surgical blades. 

Photo chemical etching gives manufacturers the edge in electric vehicle production

Photo-chemical etching (PCE) is the perfect choice for metal component production in the quickly-changing alternative powertrain supply chain. Its versatility and accuracy permits the fabrication of different prototypes no matter how many design iterations, even in shape memory alloys.

Micrometal optimises photochemical etching to manufacture titanium parts sustainably

Germany-based micrometal GmbH said it is working with HP Etch and Etchform to improve its photo chemical etching (PCE) in an effort to provide companies with a highly precise metal component manufacturing process for a range of demanding industrial applications.

New photo-chemical etching process by micrometal expands design possibilities

Germany-based micrometal GmbH’s novel photo-chemical etching process uses a special liquid resist system to obtain ultra-thin photoresist layers enabling a higher degree of precision in the chemical etching process, according to the head of sales and marketing Jochen Kern.

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