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Kate Pounder steps down as CEO of Tech Council of Australia

The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) has disclosed that its CEO Kate Pounder will be stepping down from her role on 2 February 2024.

CSIRO report identifies emerging tech clusters, explores Australian digital sectors

A new report from Australia's national science agency CSIRO and the Tech Council of Australia has shed light on the location of the country's burgeoning tech industry, bringing together extensive data from throughout the country to map and characterise the various digital tech clusters that are now developing.

Report: Generative AI might contribute $5b to Australia’s manufacturing industry by 2030

A ?new report?has found that Australia's manufacturing sector could unlock billions of dollars in value by 2030 if it accelerates the responsible adoption of generative artificial intelligence (GAI), opening up significant economic and productivity opportunities in the country. 

Manufacturing trends in 2022 and what lies ahead

The Australian manufacturing industry has seen dynamic trends in 2022 as it still recovers from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is no secret that the industry is still dealing with the remnants of the disruptive global event as it weathers through challenging issues such as skills gaps, supply chain bottlenecks, and workforce shortages. 

Looking ahead: Australian tech industry in the near future

The Australian tech industry has seen massive changes over the last two years as businesses, both big and small, were pushed to expand and innovate in the wake of a global pandemic. 

Australian Quantum Alliance launched to represent emerging industry

The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) recently announced the launch of the Australian Quantum Alliance (AQA), a major new group that will serve as...

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