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Australia has the highest manufacturing-cost structure among largest goods-exporting countries: study

A new study of the world's 25 largest goods-exporting nations has found that Australia's manufacturing-cost structure is around 30 per cent higher than the...

Runma Linear Robot Automation Co., Ltd.

Runma Robot Manufacturer takes a leading role in the research,development and production of automation robots among plastic injection molding, CNC machining, die casting industry.Highly reputed for good quality products involving disposable cutlery packaging system,full servo robot arm,linear robot,pick & place cartesian robot,iml robot,1-, 2-, 3-, 5-axis robots,sprue picker and so on.

Sydney photographers for making every moments memorable.

An event photography company in Sydney, EVNT makes your photographs memorable. We have the team of Sydney’s best event photographers. So when you’re at...