Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Cairns steel fabricator business secures $720,000 manufacturing grant

CSF Industries, a prominent steel manufacturer based in Cairns, is poised for significant growth following the approval of a $720,000 manufacturing grant from the Queensland Government.

Queensland invests $51.7M for skills development in 2024

The Queensland Government is ushering in the New Year with a transformative investment of $51.7 million, aiming to provide targeted and tailored training, along with employment pathways for up to 7,020 vulnerable job seekers across the state.

Made in Queensland’s latest round to offer $20M to local manufacturers

The Queensland government has released the guidelines for the sixth round of its Made in Queensland grants program, which will offer up to $20 million in funding to support local manufacturers. 

Queensland workforce to benefit from micro-credentialing funding boost

The Palaszczuk Government announced that Cairns is set to reap the benefits of 17 statewide projects receiving grants of up to $250,000 each to provide critical skills development for existing workers and jobseekers in Queensland. 

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