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Kimberly-Clark Australia achieves landmark zero waste milestone at Millicent Mill

Kimberly-Clark Australia (K-CA), a manufacturer in South Australia, has reached zero waste to landfill at its Millicent Mill facility.

Manufacturing giant Kimberly-Clark Australia adds employees to Quarter Century Club

South Australian manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) has inducted 45 employees into its Quarter Century Club, recognising them for 25 years or more of service at the company’s Millicent Mill. 

Kimberly-Clark to close its Ingleburn Mill in Sydney, 220 jobs to go

Kimberly-Clark Australia has announced that it would shut down its Ingleburn Mill in Sydney and move production to its facilities in Asia. The company said...

Kimberly-Clark Australia invests $20 million in South Australian manufacturing

Kimberly-Clark Australia, a global leader in the "essentials for a better life" in Consumer and Business-to-business markets,  has announced a new $20 million investment...

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