Manufacturing giant Kimberly-Clark Australia adds employees to Quarter Century Club

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South Australian manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) has inducted 45 employees into its Quarter Century Club, recognising them for 25 years or more of service at the company’s Millicent Mill. 

Kimberly-Clark Australia touts a wide range of brands in its portfolio including Huggies, Kleenex, U by Kotext, and Viva. With over 450 employees based at the Mill and another 250 worldwide, it is one of the largest employers in South Australia. 

Since the Mill’s establishment in 1984, the company’s Quarter Century Club has welcomed 424 inductees. 

Over 50 per cent of KCA employees have more than 15 years of experience in the company and nearly 30 per cent of the Mill’s workforce are now part of the Quarter Century Club. KCA’s strong workforce retention rate comes despite a nationwide trend that has seen job mobility reach its highest rate in a decade. 

Among the employees joining the Quarter Century Club this year are Meredith and Simon Philips, a married couple who share over 52 years of experience at the Millicent Mill. 

“I remember accepting my job at KCA back in 1997 and thinking it was too good an opportunity to pass by. Twenty-six years later, I’m delighted to be joining the company’s Quarter Century Club,” said Meredith, who serves as a crew leader at the Millicent Mill. 

“We’re incredibly proud to be inducting forty-five employees to our Quarter Century Club this year. Our focus at Kimberly-Clark Australia is to provide the career opportunities and development that enable our people to thrive – and it’s a testament to this that we have such strong workforce retention rates,” said Mill Manager Adam Carpenter. 

“We remain committed to investing in our people and recognising their dedication to providing the nation with essential products – and we look forward to welcoming many more of them to our Quarter Century Club in the years to come.” 

This year’s induction celebration marks the first event of its kind since 2019 after being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.