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Australia rolls out National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy

The Department of Industry, Science, and Resources has launched the National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy, outlining initiatives that will help the nation achieve a more sustainable and globally competitive rail manufacturing sector. 

Gov’ts, rail industry ink agreement to improve rail network across Australia

The Australian and Victorian Governments, as well as the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) on behalf of senior rail industry leaders, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to enhance the interoperability of the rail network in the country.

The true value of the 2022-23 Federal Budget for manufacturing

Addressing structural challenges appears a key focus of this year’s budget, with many initiatives tackling the likes of energy transition, housing affordability, skills shortages, childcare and paid parental leave. But what does the new budget mean for manufacturing?

New government office created to boost rail manufacturing in Australia

The federal government recently established the Office of National Rail Industry Coordination to lead a national approach addressing challenges in the rail manufacturing sector. 

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