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Australian labour productivity plummets, unveiled in latest report

The Productivity Commission has unveiled a report shedding light on Australia's productivity decline, with labour productivity experiencing a sharp downturn in the 2022-23 period.

Customers embrace social robots in targeted commercial sectors, ECU reports

In the ongoing discourse surrounding artificial intelligence, recent findings from Edith Cowan University (ECU) have suggested that implementing social robots in commercial environments may encounter reduced resistance.

Ai Group’s Innes Willox drives AI dialogue at CSIRO’s Industry Day

Australian industry, including critical infrastructure and their suppliers, is being encouraged to embrace AI more actively, and Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the Ai Group, addressed this imperative at the AI in Industry Day hosted by the CSIRO National Artificial Intelligence Centre.

Schneider Electric boosts productivity, sustainability with Microsoft Azure OpenAI integration

Energy management and automation leader Schneider Electric announced it is strategically leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to revolutionise customer empowerment and streamline internal operations.

Australian sheet metal manufacturer achieves productivity improvements with Lantek’s software

Online Laser Pty, an Australian laser subcontractor, has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency by integrating Lantek's advanced sheet metal CAD/CAM and ERP software, resulting in a doubling of its manufacturing capacity.

Victoria launches new round of grants under Manufacturing Growth Program

Small and medium-sized Victorian manufacturers can now apply for grants under the second round of the Made in Victoria – Manufacturing Growth Program.  Minister for...

Aurora Labs unveils AL250 commercial 3D printer for enhanced productivity

ASX-listed 3D printing company Aurora Labs has unveiled its new AL250 commercial printer project, marking a significant transition from the RMP-1 printer model to the newly designed AL250 laser powder bed fusion machine.

Australia’s 4.6% decline in labour productivity driven by pandemic, low unemployment rate

The Productivity Commission’s 2023 Bulletin has revealed that the 4.6 per cent fall in labour productivity for the 12 months to March 2023 is brought about by the unwinding of COVID-19-related effects and historically low unemployment rate.

Real-time data can solve the top three challenges of the owner-contractor relationship

Today’s economic conditions continue to create challenges in the global business environment, particularly in manufacturing.

Federal budget measures only partially address industry’s needs – Ai Group

The Federal Government’s first annual budget for 2023-24 has the industry talking, with Ai Group’s Innes Willox remarking the budget “unfortunately lacks the urgency and imagination required to power the Australian economy through a period of anaemic growth.”

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