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Report urges Australia to elevate defence industry to national capability

In a joint effort, Ai Group and the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC) at the Australian National University have unveiled a comprehensive report addressing the strategic role of Australia's defence industry within the context of the National Defence strategy.

House Committee tables report on advancing Australia’s manufacturing landscape

The House Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Resources has presented its comprehensive report titled "Sovereign, smart, sustainable: Driving advanced manufacturing in Australia" in a push to reinvigorate the nation’s manufacturing sector.

Climate Council recommends Australia’s delivery of green manufactured goods

In a submission to the Labour Government's consultation on its proposed Safeguard Mechanism reforms, the Climate Council has called for the halt of any new big emitting initiatives, recommending that funding must be available to future-focused industries like green manufacturing and critical minerals.


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Beyond insights: CRM’s transformative role in sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing companies worldwide are increasingly gearing up for a significant transformation with environmental sustainability at the centre. This comes amid stronger environmental regulations, a shift in consumer behaviour, and the industrial sector delves deeper into Industry 4.0.