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New bill unveiled to establish Australia Naval Nuclear Power Safety Regulator

The Australian Government is establishing a new independent regulator that will ensure the application of the highest standards of nuclear safety across its nuclear-powered submarine enterprise and the implementation of AUKUS without delay. 

Victorian defence manufacturers to showcase defence innovations at Indo Pac 2023

Victorian maritime defence firms are seizing the spotlight at the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition, with 37 manufacturers showcasing their maritime and naval defence products to global industry leaders.

Nuclear-powered submarine training in the UK boosts Australian industry skills

The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Richard Marles has convened with the UK Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps, during a visit to Rolls Royce's nuclear reactor manufacturing facility in Derby.

Victoria’s Point Wilson Wharf reopens to scale ADF’s guided weapons, ordnance stock

The Point Wilson Wharf in regional Victoria has reopened to re-commence the large-scale importation of guided weapons and explosive ordnance and associated materiel shipments. 

Australia announces $1.7 billion missiles acquisition, considers options for domestic manufacturing

The Australian government has made a $1.7 billion investment to equip the Australian Defence Force with some of the most powerful and technologically advanced weapons systems in the service’s history. 

Gov’t invests $9.8b for new Lockheed Martin-manufactured C-130J Hercules aircraft

The Australian Government is set to purchase 20 brand-new Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force in an effort to address future air transportation demands.

New agency, new regulator created for Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine program

The Australian government is launching a new agency and new regulatory body that will manage Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine program. 

Gov’t pledges $4b over the next four years to advance missile manufacturing in Australia

The Australian Government said it is earmarking $4.1 billion to the purchase of additional long-range attack systems and the manufacture of longer-range munitions in Australia in a push to carry out the Defence Strategic Review's top goals.

Weapons manufacturing among priorities in Australia’s biggest defence overhaul

Developing the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) ability to precisely hit targets at extended ranges and boosting the manufacture of weapons in the country are among the country’s six priority areas in the public version of the Defence Strategic Review released Monday.

South Australia confirmed as build site for next-gen nuclear-powered submarines

Defence Minister Richard Marles and Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy, together with Senator Penny Wong and South Australia Premier Peter Malinauskas have confirmed that Osborne will become the home for Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine construction efforts.

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