Friday, April 19, 2024
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Int’l team converts polyethylene waste into valuable chemicals

An international team of experts has devised an innovative method to repurpose polyethylene waste (PE), transforming it into valuable chemicals through light-driven photocatalysis.

UNSW unveils new 3D printing process for energy storage

University of New South Wales engineers have developed a 3D printing process using solid-state polymer electrolytes (SPE) for energy storage.  The research team from the...

Engineers find neat way to turn waste carbon dioxide into useful material

Media Release Making catalysts to convert waste carbon dioxide into useful industrial products has been expensive and complicated – until now. UNSW engineers show it's...

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Sydney to spotlight the latest in manufacturing at AMW 2024

With the Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) 2024 fast approaching, Sydney is set to become the epicentre of groundbreaking innovations in the advanced manufacturing sector.