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2023 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science celebrate excellence in quantum science, biotechnology

The 2023 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science are highlighting and celebrating Australian accomplishments in quantum science, biotechnology, and outstanding teaching, with the awardees being honoured and celebrated for their significant contributions.

Silicon Quantum Computing bags $50.4m Series A funding

Australian quantum computing hardware manufacturer Silicon Quantum Computing has completed its $50.4 million Series A capital round in a push to develop the world’s first scalable, error-corrected quantum computer.

Silex Systems’s ZS-Si Project achieves highest purity of silicon-28

Australian laser enrichment technology developer Silex Systems has completed the pilot testing of its Zero-Spin Silicon Project, yielding results for the production of high-purity ZS-Si, which is critical for the manufacturing of next-generation silicon quantum processor chips. 

Australian Quantum Alliance launched to represent emerging industry

The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) recently announced the launch of the Australian Quantum Alliance (AQA), a major new group that will serve as...

SQC announces quantum breakthrough that could supercharge Australia’s Industry

Australian quantum computing company Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) has announced the world’s first integrated circuit manufactured at the atomic scale. SQC has created an integrated...

Ensuring Sydney’s place as a global hub for quantum

Media Release Sydney Quantum Academy is working to create thousands of well-paid, high-tech jobs building on the city's quantum strengths. At an online forum officially launching...

UNSW scientists successfully demonstrate feasibility of pioneering 3D atomic-scale quantum chip architecture

UNSW scientists have made a great stride towards developing a blueprint to make a large-scale quantum computer. UNSW researchers at the Centre of Excellence for...

Australia joins global race to build fully-functional quantum computer

Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Arthur Sinodinos has announced the opening of a new Australian quantum computing company, Silicon Quantum Computing, tasked with...

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