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Beyond insights: How CRM solutions are transforming the manufacturing industry

The global manufacturing sector is witnessing a seismic shift in its automation approach as companies worldwide, big or small, grapple with the ongoing labour shortage and skills gap within the industry. 

Smart manufacturing tech alleviates skills shortage woes for Aussie manufacturers – Rockwell Automation

In response to the pressing skills shortage facing Australian businesses, Rockwell Automation's 2024 State of Smart Manufacturing Report (SoSM) has revealed that smart manufacturing technologies are empowering local manufacturers to tackle this challenge head-on.

NSW Government pumps $1.5 million into TAFE NSW Lithgow

Responding to the surging demand for construction courses in the Bathurst region, the NSW Government has allocated $1.5 million to enhance facilities at TAFE NSW Lithgow.

Ai Group executive joins Ministerial Advisory Board for Jobs and Skills Australia

The Australian Industry Group has congratulated Megan Lilly on her selection to the recently formed Ministerial Advisory Board of Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA).

From data to decisions: Domo’s Brad Kasell explores emerging tech in manufacturing

Amid rapid technological progress and dynamic shifts in the business environment, businesses across all sectors must remain ahead of the curve. Brad Kasell, a seasoned expert in business intelligence and technology at Domo, a cloud-native data experiences innovator, shares his perspective on the emerging trends reshaping the manufacturing sector.

WA’s TAFE lecturers Immerse in industry placements to address skills gap

The Western Australian Government has earmarked $9.9 million to facilitate industry placements for TAFE college lecturers, allowing them to gain firsthand insight into the skills and workforce requirements of various industries.

Queensland invests $51.7M for skills development in 2024

The Queensland Government is ushering in the New Year with a transformative investment of $51.7 million, aiming to provide targeted and tailored training, along with employment pathways for up to 7,020 vulnerable job seekers across the state.

Tasmania invests big in skills and training with $285M agreement

The Tasmanian Government has officially joined the recently established National Skills Agreement (NSA), unlocking access to nearly $285 million in Commonwealth funding to support initiatives in the region.

SA boosts training and skills in new $10M investment

The South Australian Government has committed $10 million to support high-quality training delivery in a significant move to address skills shortages and enhance the training sector.

CSIRO channels $3.6M into quantum PhDs for skills development

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has launched the Next Generation Quantum Graduates Program, a $3.6 million initiative to empower Australian quantum students.

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Sydney to spotlight the latest in manufacturing at AMW 2024

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