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US mission amplifies AUKUS gains for WA defence

The WA Government recently finished a global mission to expand opportunities for the state's defence industry and demonstrate its role in strengthening the AUKUS alliance, particularly in maritime technology, cyber security, unmanned systems, and space.

EOS expands revenue with $24 million in new contracts

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited announced the acquisition of significant contracts aimed at diversifying its revenue streams.

BluGlass wraps up share purchase plan, raises $5.87 million

BluGlass Limited has concluded its Share Purchase Plan (SPP), bolstering its financial position by raising $5.87 million, as announced in a media release.

First commercial-grade optical fibres manufactured in space

Special glass rods developed at the University of Adelaide have been transformed into over eight kilometres of optical fiber aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the university revealed in a news release.

CSIRO’s groundbreaking 3D mapping tech heads to the ISS for space exploration

A cutting-edge 3D mapping technology developed by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, has made its way to the International Space Station (ISS).

Frond Space partners with Gilmour Space for satellite deorbiting solution

New Zealand-based Frond Space Systems and Gilmour Space Technologies have joined forces to advance space sustainability through the provision of a cutting-edge dragsail system for Gilmour Space's upcoming satellite mission.

Fleet Space’s Centauri satellite sets record as world’s smallest voice-enabled satellite

Fleet Space Technologies, a pioneering force in Australian space exploration, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with its Centauri satellite becoming the smallest voice-capable satellite on Earth.

Advanced Navigation powers Australia’s largest private satellite

Space Machines Company, an Australian enterprise specialising in orbital logistics and services, is set to launch their first orbital service vehicle (OSV), Optimus, powered by Boreas X90, a Digital Fibre-Optic Gyroscope (DFOG) Inertial Navigation System (INS) developed by Advanced Navigation.

RMIT’s electromagnetic shield ready for liftoff with Swedish rocket

Researchers at RMIT University have developed an innovative electromagnetic shield set to embark on a space journey aboard a Swedish Space Corporation rocket launch next week.

Amaero to expand production following market study by Fairmont Consulting

Amaero International, a pioneer in the additive manufacturing sector, is poised for a significant expansion following a comprehensive market study conducted by Fairmont Consulting Group LLC.

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