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iLAuNCH to qualify in-space servicing spacecraft Optimus for flight

The iLAuNCH Trailblazer is vetting Space Machines Company’s Optimus OSV Spacecraft, the largest single Australian-made commercial space transport and servicing platform, before it heads into orbit in early 2024. 

SmartSat launches collaborative effort to create AI-enabled autonomous spacecraft

SmartSat is spearheading a three-year, $7 million collaborative project to manufacture new artificial intelligence-enabled autonomous spacecraft.

Gilmour Space, UQ take part in SoMAC CRC’s first Australian space research initiative

The Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites CRC (SoMAC CRC) has initiated its first research partnership with Gilmour Space Technologies and the University of Queensland (UQ)  which might result in the creation of a low-cost solution for safeguarding space launch vehicles and spacecraft from intense heat and pressure.

Gilmour, Atomos announce in-space transportation partnership

Australian aerospace company Gilmour Space Technologies and US-based Atomos Space have collaborated to explore a multi-year contract for Gilmour and Atomos to mutually purchase services for launch and in-space transportation. 

SA companies to complete work on VS03 mission in November

Work on the VS03 mission by four South Australian companies is slated to be completed by the end of the year. 

Saber Astronautics brings next-gen control tech to Mission Control Centre

Saber's upgrades will introduce next generation control technologies to the Australian Mission Control Centre, making flying new spacecraft easier. Sydney-based space engineering company Saber Astronautics...

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