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Dr Vito Butardo (far right) growing rice grains with members of the research team, Qurrat Ain, Arash Jamalabadi and Achini Herath (back left to right)

‘Light of a million suns’ key to unlocking secrets of healthier and safer rice

Media Release by Swinburne University Swinburne scientists are using a football field-sized synchrotron light facility to examine individual grains of rice to help enhance global...

ARENA supports Australian first project harnessing sun, wind and batteries

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is supporting another world-leading project that will combine solar, wind and battery storage to deliver reliable and affordable...

Australian Weighing Equipment

Zenko Energy


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The Intelligent Manufacturing Forum: Automation pathways for Australian manufacturers

The Australian manufacturing sector is navigating increasingly rapid changes in industry dynamics as more technological advancements are adopted worldwide.