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Sparc Hydrogen kicks off prototype testing at CSIRO Energy Centre

Sparc Technologies Limited's Hydrogen prototype, which is designed for photocatalytic water splitting (PWS), is currently undergoing rigorous testing at the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, the graphene production company said. 

Papyrus Australia brings banana fibre food packaging to Egypt

Papyrus Australia, a developer of sustainable technology that converts banana plantation waste into fibre and biodegradable food packaging products, is set to deliver its banana fibre moulding line to Egypt following six months of fabrication, assembly, and testing.

Skykraft delivers first space-based VHF communication for air traffic control

Australian space-services company Skykraft has executed a world-first testing of space-based VHF voice communications as part of its development of satellites to provide space-based aviation communications and surveillance services. 

GE’s GE9X engine for Boeing’s 777X undergoes wind tunnel testing

General Electric engineers have begun low-speed wind tunnel tests on the company’s forthcoming, largest-ever engine which will be used to power Boeing’s 777X. According to the...

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