SiBox testing completed, 1414 Degrees moves toward commercialisation

Image credit: 1414 Degrees

1414 Degrees announced its relocation to the Tonsley Innovation District following the completion of the demonstration phase of its SiBox thermal energy storage project, marking a significant step towards commercialisation.

The SiBox Demonstration Module achieved several milestones, including the delivery of continuous clean heat from stored thermal energy at temperatures ranging from 650°C to 900°C, the company said in an ASX announcement.

Additionally, it maintained stable heat output 24/7 while optimising its charging cycle to leverage renewable energy and low-cost grid electricity.

The module also demonstrated flexibility in heat output rates with consistent temperature, meeting various industrial requirements.

Furthermore, it validated its ability to support electricity grids with network support services and showcased durability and operational efficiency by cycling more than 230 times, consistently delivering heat at critical temperatures up to 900°C.

According to the company, the consistent performance of SiBox highlights its capability to firm variable renewable energy supply, follow prices in the National Electricity Market by charging during low-price periods while continuously discharging heat, and provide reliable, safe, and adaptable energy storage solutions.

Moreover, it can offer demand response and frequency control ancillary services to reduce energy costs. These capabilities position SiBox as a competitive solution in the long-duration energy storage market, especially for industrial heat applications and grid stability.

This achievement fulfills key objectives outlined in the SiBox Development Agreement with Woodside Energy Technologies and the Federal Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative, notably elevating the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from 4 to 7 in preparation for commercial operations.

To spearhead the commercial phase of this $6 million project, 1414 Degrees has appointed Dr Jason Chaffey.

With a wealth of experience in technology commercialisation, the company said Dr Chaffey is well-suited to lead this venture, bolstered by the expertise of the company’s skilled analytical and engineering staff.

Dr Mahesh Venkataraman, chief technology officer at 1414 Degrees, emphasised the potential of the SiBox technology.

“Efficient SiBox units, with modules up to 100MWh, will benefit from our team’s experience in constructing and operating the patented 6 MWh TESS-IND and GAS-TESS systems. This expertise will be instrumental in building safe and robust solutions to help decarbonise industry,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Dr Kevin Moriarty, Executive Chairman of 1414 Degrees, remarked, “This marks a significant milestone for 1414 Degrees and its stakeholders representing a pivotal shift from theoretical testing to practical application in the real world, underscoring the Company’s commitment to building commercial solutions for renewable energy.”

He expressed enthusiasm for the company’s return to the Tonsley Innovation District, where its inaugural prototype was commissioned in 2016, stating, “At our new facility we will be testing low-cost versions of our SiBrick for mass production and joining the hydrogen revolution by building a world-first dual column pyrolysis reactor utilising molten metal heated to over 850°C by our SiBox technology.”