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Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines acquisition is the defence’s ‘single biggest investment,’ says gov’t

The governments of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have agreed to deliver SSN-AUKUS, a new conventionally-armed nuclear-powered submarine, which the Australian government considers the 'single biggest investment' in its defence capability.

Space manufacturing exploration to bring UK and Australian companies together

A group of 25 space companies comprising 40 delegates from the United Kingdom have landed in Adelaide on a mission to explore why more global businesses are investing in South Australia’s cutting-edge space ecosystem.

UK car production slumps, while EV manufacturing surges in 2022

The latest result rounds off a volatile year for UK car production, with output down by 17.9 per cent in the month after growth in October and November, with most of the year’s volume loss occurring in the first half. 

SK Geo Centric signs MOU at CES 2023 with Plastic Energy to complete a...

SK Geo Centric, a subsidiary of SK Innovation’s, has signed a contract with British company Plastic Energy, which specializes in plastic pyrolysis, completing the “last puzzle” of the world’s first plastic recycling complex to be built in 2025.

Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom jointly acquire 436 BAE Systems BvS10 All Terrain Vehicles

Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom have reached an agreement with BAE Systems to purchase 436 BvS10 all-terrain vehicles. The joint procurement, worth $760 million, is in support of Arctic operations for the Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program. 

Orbital UAV, Animal Dynamics to develop new aerial autonomous solution

Under a memorandum of understanding, the two companies will look into the initial concepts for a heavy fuel engine that could be used for Stork-STM, a heavy lift uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) being developed by Animal Dynamics. 

Australian-UK advanced manufacturing collaboration to enhance shipbuilding processes

Australian and UK researchers have signed an agreement aimed at boosting opportunities to collaborate on advanced modern manufacturing methods that could be incorporated into ongoing shipbuilding and marine operations from both hemispheres. 

UK manufacturers lessen growth forecast amid economic uncertainties

UK manufacturers have cut back on their growth expectations in factory output for 2023, citing huge uncertainty surrounding demand and energy prices.  Published today, the...

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